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>> thanks for having me. thank you, andy. >> thank you. >> a fun time. this is the place to be. love it. >> it is the best place in the world. >> it is greg gutfeld.
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>> shannon: and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. west virginia republican senate candidate john racy is being criticized for tv ads that includes an image of democratic opponent governor joe manchin with president
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obama. taken at the late senator robert byrd's memorial service. racy and manchin are in a special election to fill the remainder of byrd's term. racy's campaign defended using the picture saying they didn't realize the stock photo was from the memorial service. but byrd's family called for campaign to withdrawal the ad. after a three-month stay, palin's not so welcome neighbor in wasilla is packing up and heading for his home in massachusetts. when they realized earlier the year the new guy next year was doing research on book about the former governor they added on existing eight-foot tall fence between property. mcginnis said he stayed busy all summer and minded his own business. the oval office got a makeover but the item getting the most attention is the carpet that features famous quotes from past presidents and one from martin luther king jr. the quote attributed to king reads the arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward justice. however, the "washington
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post" points out that phrase isn't original to king, that he paraphrased it from a unitarian minister named theodore parker who said it in 1863. white house spokesman wouldn't comment on the article and said, "the quote on the rug is what dr. martin luther king jr. said. the quote in the story is different." finally, civil rights activist jesse jackson led a rally for green jobs in detroit last week but his travel took a more environmentally friendly turn after the rented cadillac escalade suv was stolen from outside his hotel. he defended choosing the gas guzzler for the green event saying his wife drives a smart car. most devastating blow the c.i.a. suffered in the 63-year history, attack last december perp waited by a jordanian suicide bomber in afghanistan. tonight, national correspondent catherine herridge looks at an inspirational effort to ensure families of those who died don't have to shoulder the burden alone. >> biking across the country was always on rob's bucket
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list. with a suicide bombing in afghanistan last december, the former c.i.a. officer and his wife kim finally have a reason to ride. >> this could have been me left behind. and my children left behind. >> to me this is saying something to them. saying the family member was special. >> yeah. >> they loved you and doing something for the country. >> seven new stars for coast are chiselled in the memorial wall at c.i.a. headquarters. now there are 102 stars. each one for agency employee who died in the line of duty. 22 since al-qaeda attacked the win towers, the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. >> our teams were on the ground in afghanistan. 15 or 16 days after 9/11. we were the first in. the first american to die in afghanistan was a c.i.a. officer, johnny michael spam. >> he is chairman of the c.i.a. officer memorial foundation. >> when mike span was killed in afghanistan, it really rang a bell for us. sooner or later we are going
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to feel an obligation to provide support to the families killed in the line of doubty. mike had a wife and two children. one of whom just started college with our support. >> the richard photo album tells a story of a c.i.a. family and the wife and kids lived in the middle east, he was constantly on the road and his kids didn't know why. >> there is a lot of single parenting that goes on. and in a lot of sort of covering as to where is daddy? because many times i didn't know. and i didn't know when he would be back. >> daily rides 70, 75 miles a day. we have a family when we start. jacksonville, florida, on september 11. one family with us when we finish in san diego on october 27, at 1:00. >> we were the bands, sent to us by the gentleman at the base where they were killed and they say coast, day of
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the death and serve starts. >> once people heard about the ride, it was spontaneous, getting a lot of e-mails. >> yes. >> hi, rob and kim. my brother was one of the seven agents kill and we know he will not be forgotten thanks to efforts like you. >> they are amazing money on the website >> we put it on the wall. >> this isn't about kim and i riding a bicycle. this is what we did and we carry it with us. >> in virginia, catherine herridge, fox news. >> investigators are finally able to look at key piece of evidence to stop oil gushing in the gulf of mexico. after the deepwater horizon rig exploded in april. took more than 29 hours to lift the 300-ton blow-out preventer out of the water. it will be sent to a nasa facility in louisiana for more analysis.
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texans are bracing for heavy rain after hurricane watch was issued for the gulf coast. the tropical storm sustained winds of 15 miles per hour and could strength on the a hurricane before it makes landfall. they are expecting 4 to 16 ounce of rain. the fox֖pp
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over the next six years we are going to rebuild 150,000 miles of our roads. that is enough to circle the world six times. that's a lot of rope. we are going to lay and maintain 4,000 miles of the railways. enough to stretch coast-to-coast. >> shannon: that was the president today talking about a new $50 billion plus plan aimed at getting better infrastructure going in the country.
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and making jobs as well. you had to know the republicans would respond right away. this is from mcconnell saying the new tax hike and stimulus bill will not reverse the lack of confidence americans have in washington democrats' ability to help economy. bring in the panel to talk about it. stephen hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." juan williams, for national public radio. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. gentlemen, welcome to all of you. the white house shied away from calling anything a stimulus, and that's what mitch mcconnell did immediately calling at it stimulus. what is it? >> it's a stimulus know the word can't be used anytime. a mini stimulus. classic example of the administration acting for the appearance of activity. i doesn't have a clue what to do. it spent half a trillion on first stimulus. we saw 60% of americans think it did absolutely nothing. and they have no idea. the economy is still in a ditch.
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so they come up with a mini version of this. which will be throwing $50 billion and it will not leave a trace unlike the interstate highway system or the t.v.a. or the hoover dam which were real infrastructure ideas. this will not leave, absolutely nothing will be left behind. it will be a temporary fix. i like the way the president announces, we heard it will be a six-year plan. even lennon that the mostey to -- modesty to stop at five. >> shannon: pushed it another year. charles calls it a mini stem. others say pandering to union before the election. he was speaking to an organized labor crowd. are those fair accusations? >> yeah. look, he is speaking to a labor crowd. they're looking for labor jobs. blue collar jobs. so what we are talking about is the construction work and the like. things that put people in jobs to pay a good salary for someone who doesn't have a
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high level of education to take advantage of the innovation. the blue collar average worker is suffering so here is president obama speaking directly to that concern. unlike charles when you think back over the great public works projects in our history that this one is overdue. i think if you look at the infrastructure in the united states, everything from railway to highways, we are breaking down. if we can give people skills and allow them to compete with, for jobs that are now going overseas that is a good thing. i'm somewhat befuddled, though. most americans think the big stimulus package was for naught. if you listen to the economists, what the economists tell you is that they created jobs. it saved us to the point where unemployment rate would be closer to 16% instead of 9%. it doesn't amount to credit for the obama administration. i imagine that the republicans will greet this news as stimulus two, as charles said.
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we don't want any part of it and obstruct it and block it and get away with it. >> shannon: of course, the question of the price tag. here is what the president had to say about that today. >> this is a plan that will be fully paid for. it will not add to the deficit over time. we are going to work with congress to see to that. >> shannon: all right, steve. does congress have the appetite to work on this project? >> i don't know. probably not. certainly republicans will not be enthusiastic about it. what perplexes me about this move is that the white house, if it's been good at anything it's good at politics. we saw it at the campaign and we have seen it since president obama became president. this doesn't make sense. the single biggest issue or one of the biggest issues under the broad category of the economy in wisconsin right now is a very controversial high-speed rail project. going from madison, milwaukee, perhaps to chicago. the popularity of that has gone in the fall of 2009 from 57% to 41% at the beginning
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of june. i talked to a couple of people today saying the private polling is even more against this project. this big project. to go to wisconsin, to announce massive new levels of infrastructure spending in the middle of a debate where infrastructure spending is at the heart of it and deeply unpopular makes absolutely no sense to me. i made a bunch of phone calls today talking to people because i figured i was missing something. that's always possible. people don't have an explanation. what are they doing? we don't know. >> shannon: odd choice and location. we know the president will speak again on wednesday. he will talk about tax cuts, which was all over the sunday shows this weekend. charles, what do you make of that? talking about the tax cuts. again, how are those paid for elsewhere? >> he said they will be closing loopholes and thus enabling the other cuts. let me explain how the
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democratic lexicon works. loophole is an old tax cut that outlived its political usefulness and now it's replaced with a new one which the democrats two months before an election are going to tout as an example of they're in favor of small business because it's a cut in investment of small business what is surprising to me as is it to steve to believe that this will have any effect, forget economically, but politically. you know, a new mini stimulus on infrastructure after having thrown after a trillion at it already before. closing a loophole and open up another, political effect is absurd. why they think it would be i can only explain as huge underestimation of intelligence of the citizenry. >> it might have a political impact to pick up on what charles is saying but i don't
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think it will be a good one. i argue what we saw today for voters in wisconsin looking at the issues carefully is more likely to have a negative political impact in the state of wisconsin, two big races there. russ feingold re-election campaign for senator and tom barrett against scott walker in the governor's race. more likely to do damage to the two candidates because there is attention paid to who was with the president and who wasn't. there has been all of this attention paid and a distraction. the big question, size and scope of government is not one that is resolved favorably in views of most people in wisconsin. >> it's too late in some regard to help the democratic candidates who want to be in a position to say our people are proactive when it comes to ginning up the economy and creating jobs. we're on it. so you are not going to see a sudden decline in the unemployment rate to voters.
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but where are the republican ideas? the republicans again are talking about tax cuts, tax cuts that are not, not stimulative in their nation and will not produce jobs. the president is up a tree and he doesn't know what to do on some levels but the idea of rebuilding america infrastructure, you could wrap a flag around it. apple pie and good stuff but everyone is so jaded the republicans won't approve of it. they see it as last-minute gesture and the voters will think you came up too short, too late. >> the democratic reflex, if you don't know what to do spend. >> i don't think it's a wasteful project, though, to build on america's infrastructure. >> shannon: we'll give juan the final word. gentleman, thank you. that's it on the economy. tell us what you think the president's main economic
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program should be. go to the home page at and vote in the online poll. up next, the panel will discuss labor's role ahead of the mid-term elections.
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brothers and sisters, president obama and the democratic leaders share our vision of an america built on good jobs and together all of us are going to get america back to work. it won't be the bankers, it won't be the tea partiers, it won't be the party of no. it will be you, it will be all of us working together. right? [ applause ] we've got 57 days until november 2.
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>> shannon: organized labor traditionally has been a force in the election. is that changing? bring in the panel again to talk about it. steve, juan, charles. juan, i'll start with you. they have been a power house. they have money, and organization and people on the ground. but are they losing steam as a force within politics? >> if you look, if you track it over the course of the end of the 20th century and of course now start t start of the 21st, they are on a steady decline. with the membership and money they invest in campaign. matter of influence, you can go back to president reagan and the air traffic controllers and the democrat he can break in. that is all on the table. if you come to the last few years of president bush, it was on deregulation not toward the union. come to the obama administration and they're more open to the union and union leaders than we have seen in years in washington. the record of visit to white
4:53 am
house by union leaders exceed anybody else. if you look at the marquee items. the card check for example, you don't hear the obama administration saying we'll put everything on the table. not happening. cadillac plan in the healthcare bill, not happening. going through the additional taxation despite opposition from the union. for moment it looks like the union are one hope to counter the tea party. >> juan mentioned the key things they hope to get through and with this congress and president but if they lose big this fall it's off the table. >> that's true. in small picture juan is right. but big picture the unions benefit from the expansion of government at a rate we have never seen before.
4:54 am
so the union are benefitting and they are arguing for the further expansion of government, even making the general principled argument on behalf of the unionized workers, arcing as a matt ore -- argues as matter of fact. political influence, no question it is on the wayne. however, if you look at what unions can do, one thing better than anybody is get people to polls. they have a system. union members are loyal and show up. you meet at the same place and get on a bus and go to same polls and have the same job. i don't think it will matter but where it might help to a certain extem is stemming the losses. >> we saw that when they tried to unseat blanche lincoln to get the lieutenant governor they considered more friendly to their causes on the ballot. she won there.
4:55 am
are they still reeling from that? >> it was an democratic internal fight. but in the coming election union is obama's strongest ally. juan is right that in absolute terms the influence declined dramatically over the last half century. but they are the most organized. the unions are paid hugely in the auto bail-out and the tens of becomes that obama has given to the state government to keep the teachers and the state union members in their jobs at a time when the private sector has been shedding millions of jobs, becoming much more lean and efficient.
4:56 am
they got their reward and enthusiastic relative to another part of the democratic constituency, the most important element obama has. that is why he is actually their man. he does what they ask him to. >> shannon: all right. gentlemen, thank you very much. that's it for panel. stay tuned. you know we're all guilty of misplacing things from time the time but find out what happens when a diamond worth tens of thousands of dollars
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>> shannon: finally tonight, the older we get the more we find ourselves misplacing things like keys and papers. what about a 2.5 karat diamond. you never know where something that viable may wind up. >> miami dolphin football players dropped to their knees in practice yesterday. they were looking for a teammate's 2.5 karat diamond earring. so far the big diamond has not been found. [ laughter ] >> shannon: caddie shack fans out there. all o

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